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There’s a sense of excitement as you enter The Main Event. About 50 flatscreen TVs surround the bar room and dining rooms and the movement is constantly creating a casual and fun atmosphere. An eclectic mix of people, some enjoying sports events, some engrossed in conversation, all have one thing in common...they came for a wonderful meal and to have a good time.

We tasted several appetizers from succulent ribs with tangy BBQ sauce to zesty buffalo wings to crunchy sweet coconut shrimp. Our favorite was the juicy mini burgers on soft pretzel rolls. The vast menu reads like a sports book with categories like Starting Line-up, On the Green, All Star Entrees, and All Pro Pasta. There are about 3 dozen appetizers and even more entrees from lobster and shrimp ravioli to mouth-watering T-Bone steak. Seafood is popular here and co-owner Michael Constantatos owns a retail fish business so you know they serve the freshest catch of the day. We enjoyed light flaky halibut broiled and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs. There’s a variety of
wine, cocktails and beer (14 on tap) from domestic to imported. In addition, the fully stocked bar offers a wide array of scotch, vodka, bourbon and tequila.

Photos of sports figures, sports memorabilia and trophies decorate the comfortable rooms. The Main Event is for everyone...bring a date, bring the family or come with a group and experience all the delicious food and fun times the Constantatos family - Mike, Alex and Jerry - have to offer.

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