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Vincent Carusone started in this business in 1962, when he opened a
pizzeria restaurant with his brother. In 1978, he realized his dream with the opening of Vincent’s Pizzeria and Restaurant. His wife, Guiseppina, helped out and some years later their thirteen year old son, Joseph, worked with them from time to time. Today, Joseph is running the restaurant with Vincent. The family insists, “nothing has changed.” Recipes, some old that Vincent brought here from Italy, and some he developed while working here, are still used to make the fresh, high quality dishes and incredible pizzas.

At Vincent’s, you get both quality and quantity. Mom and dad make the sauces early in the morning so they’re ready for the day. They taste them to make sure they are up to their high standards and watch over everything that goes out of their kitchen. Italian specialties include amazing pasta fagiole, a recipe from Vincent’s hometown of Caserta; fresh fried calamari; Chilean sea bass; and tripe, sauteed in marinara sauce. Sicilian pizza is popular at Vincent’s and customers say that it tastes like they remember from their youth.

This family run business is very family oriented. You’ll always get a warm welcome and they love mingling with their loyal customers. The Carusones are active in the community and part of the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce. In 2012 they were nominated “Business People of the Year.”

Diners agree, this “family friendly” “awesome” place serves “delicious food” at “reasonable prices...” “food is plentiful and comforting”.

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